About Me

I am Dr Sam Martin a Afro Caribbean-British Digital Sociologist and Data Scientist, with Kalinago and Dominican heritage, who has been drawing and creating for most of her life. Although I studied Law at Oxford and have a PhD in Digital Health, the one consistent pull throughout has been digital art and all things creative. I create AfroFuturist images focused on empowering young and elder women and people of colour around the world.

I use digital art and AI art as a way to express one’s inner dreams, feelings, as well as to capture the colour, vibrancy and love of Black culture, and portrays black people of all ages as inspirational, spiritual and full of great potential. I look forward to creating more art along the way, and am open for commissions or collaborations.

You can find my work on: Instagram: @digitalwildart Web: https://DigitalWildArt.com

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